Top 25 Motor Oils – March, 2017

Here is the top 25 motor oils available. Please remember that not all of these oils are available in all areas. Also any racing oils listed are not intended for long-term street use. Using race oils in street cars equipped with catalytic converters can damage them. 1. 0W40 Mobil 1 … Continue reading

New Year – Same Stuff

Well the new year arrived a few days ago, Ms. Carey made a mess of it and did the typical thing – lets blame someone else so since Dick Clark isn’t around to defend himself anymore lets pick on his business. Sound familiar? Moving on, with the jeep project completed … Continue reading

The Road to Success – Jeep Part 3

This was turning into some kind of Chess match, myself versus the Chinese. In today’s global economy it has become very difficult to purchase American made automotive parts. Most of that work has been shipped off-shore due to the lower cost of personnel. I dare say if you walked into … Continue reading