End in Sight?


Well after more months than I care to count, the Monza is just about ready to go out the door finally. Sure, there are a few bits to take care of but the list is getting shorter and doing so rather quickly. At this point, I am really waiting on … Continue reading



Ah, a little bit of downtime – thought I would try and get an update posted before the next bell rings and all hell breaks loose again. I am currently sitting in a Micky D’s in a strange city – but they have free WiFi so what’s not to like? … Continue reading

RV Roofs – The # 1 Failure of Owners

RV Roof

I wrote this article a little over a year ago and as I had just checked out my own RV roof recently, I thought it would be a good idea to bring this post back again.   Well, I think my headline says it all. The number one failure of … Continue reading