T-Buckets – Free Plans

Simply said, I have copies of plans for T-Buckets. The first set is known as the Youngster Free T-Bucket plans that are limited to the building of a frame for a T-Bucket. Actually a very good set of plans with all the detail you would need for building a chassis. A link for the plans is below. The second set that I have are far more detailed, going into every aspect of how to not only build a good chassis but also the body work, interior, engine and drive train. Electrical information is a bit sketchy but it’s a decent outline. This set of plans is available strictly for those that contact me to receive a copy. Make sure you provide a good email address and put “Free T-Bucket Plans” in the subject line on the contact form.

The Crankshaft Coalition has some very good information on building a T-Bucket. The Wikipedia page provides a rundown on the various options you might have for donor parts and basic how-to on putting a ‘bucket together. Not a lot of detail but it also provides a short list of companies that provide parts for a build.

Youngster T- Bucket Plans

Detailed T-Bucket Plans