The 350GT was actually an accidental purchase, I just happened to spot the car at a dealership and decided to take a look at it. One thing lead to another and the next day I owned it. The car has always been fun to drive, especially once you learned where the engine wanted to run and adjusted the gearbox to suit. For the first few years, other than normal maintenance items there were no major changes to the car. As the car is now officially 10 years old, I have started to make some modifications to fix or enhance the performance and style of the car to my liking.

In comparison to a similar 350Z model, I prefer the 350GT for it’s slightly longer wheelbase that seems to help turn-in to corners a bit better and smooths out some of the chop that is normal in American roads today. The car has been used as a commuter vehicle and has made more than a few long distance runs. Fuel mileage has stayed steady in the 23-25 mpg range depending of course on how I am treating it.

At this point in the time and as the engine seems to be quite sound with no major issues, I am going to concentrate on changes that involve both enhancements of performance and repairing issues that come up as the miles and time have stacked up. Not everyone is going to agree with the changes I make to the car but that’s okay – it’s my car.

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