All in Good Time

It’s been extremely busy over the last few weeks, with the holidays upon us and all of the rushing around I have been neglecting a lot of things including this blog site. We are now just a few weeks from Christmas, 2017. Halloween (my favorite holiday) and Thanksgiving seem to have simply shot past us now in what seems to be a blink. And just to make it a bit more fun, Phil called me the other week and wanted to know if I wanted to make a 24 hour trip to Cincinnati. At first I wasn’t too sure about it but now that it is behind us, I am glad that I did. It was an interesting trip and I met two amazing people. Both seem to have their life in order and are apparently making the very best of it.

The reason for our trip of course involved racing or to be more specific, a race car. Jeff, one of my new friends had for sale a tube frame chassis, 1963 Corvette bodied drag car. Phil had been looking at the car for awhile online and had talked to Jeff a couple of times about. The trip to Cincinnati was to either seal the deal or find out that the car would not be a good fit for us. There were a few things on the car that we would like to correct and Phil’s fitment in the car is one of the issues that will have to be addressed. We finally agreed on a price for the car and made arrangements to head back that way in a month or so to pick the car up. This is a Corvette Roadster that will allow us to enter just about any class we wish to run. Footbrake, Top ET, and Quick 8 fields are just a few. One of our small block engines will power the car and we expect that our ETs should be in the 5.50 range or quicker. This one should be on the track in early March.

So that kind of leaves our 12 year old Project Camaro sitting. Or does it? After some discussion on the subject, we decided to make some fitment adjustments to the car and put my youngest son Doug in the car this season. He’s been bracket racing his bike for the last two seasons, qualifying for the ET Finals both years and winning the final points event at Richmond Dragway. I am sure he will pull double duty running both his bike and the Camaro. I am looking forward to seeing his learning curve with the car.

Hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas Season this year.

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