And Once Again the G35

After looking through the posts that I have made on this car, I am starting to feel really sorry for it. It seems that each time I manage to get it back in the garage, something else comes along and derails it. And I am sure it is going to happen this time too but I will keep trying!

The other afternoon I spent a good portion of it cleaning up the mess, putting away tools, parts, junk, etc that somehow accumulate during one of these work thrashes – the latest being the new paint job on the Camaro. What you didn’t see was changing out the rear power switch or adding a new front tie-down or fixing the engine issue we had at the last race. No, it doesn’t all make the blog – not by a long shot. But all of this leads to having some space again. So I rolled the G35 back in again, started stripping the passenger door of it’s parts and did some sanding on the body.

I have a bad window motor in the passenger side that needs to be replaced before I can remove the final piece of trim from the door. The window has to be in the down position to get that molding off so that is where things stopped. I have the new motor – I simply didn’t have the gumption to start the repair process. I have done this repair multiple times over the years with this car and finally decided that new window SUNP0003motors were the way to go as the rebuilt ones seem to be circumspect. The driver side has a new motor that I put in when I stripped that door down and it works flawlessly. So that’s my next piece of work.

My plans for the car have changed a little bit over the last year while other projects have been in the way. The list of items that will be changed or replaced has grown a bit but nothing too crazy.

Outside, we have new front and rear covers that will change the styling of the car to something more aggressive. The side panels are still in the thought process as I have not found any that I like that were reasonably priced plus I want some functionality and not just looks. I am leaning towards doing some modification at the rear of them that will help provide cooling air to the rear brakes. It really just depends on how deep the mods would have to go to accomplish this and whether I think it’s worth the work or not. We have new headlights that I am seriously thinking of coating with 2k urethane before I even put them in. The rear lamps willSUNP0009 be slightly tinted but nothing that will hinder the state inspection. One idea that I am seriously thinking about but need to experiment with is tinting the side windows but not with the normal plastic tint media. I am keeping the stock rear wing as it is, I like the look of it although the NISMO wing does tug at me some. Should one come up like free or something, that could change my mind about it. Inside, besides changing the replacement speakers in the rear shelf, repairing the CD changer and some repairs to the side panels, the only real change will be a new short shifter. I like the stock look of the car and like to keep it that way. I might add some USB chargers but if I do they will look stock. The interior panels have their fabric inserts coming off again so I need to remove them, mask off the panels and then spray them with a good adhesive so they will stay in place. I tried once to just touch them up a little and it made a mess that took me hours to clean up again.

Under the car is where most of the mods will happen. I have a new clutch and clutch line to install, spacers for the wheels, a new trick to lower the rear another 1/2″. I decided to use a new System One engine filter that I had bought for the dragster but never used. This filter allows you to pull just the screen to monitor any engine issues plus when you do change the oil you just clean this one and reinstall it. I can’t remember what I paid for it but they go for between $50 & $100 used. Figure at an average of $5 per filter, at 20 changes it’s paid for and that lowers my oil change cost again. I have frame stiffeners to put in along with some updated steering components for the front end. I am playing with moving the battery back to the trunk area, as a lot of guys have reported that it makes a nice difference in the handling. I am also looking at upgrading the fuel pump to something stronger, then I can look at re-mapping the engine for additional power. Some better pipes and a change in the inlet system will finish it up. SUNP0006 SUNP0008






Quite a list but that’s what happens when you have a project sitting this long. You keep dreaming up stuff and then you provide validation for it by saying, “well I am already in there doing that so why not do this too”?

I am not sure how far I will make it this time before something interrupts it again but I really would like to get this finished so I can enjoy DRIVING it again. Enough work already – time to have some fun!





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