As the Monza Spins

Beats me, I couldn’t think of a decent title for this post. Probably because my mind is numb from working on the Monza the past few days. When I look at it sitting there, it keeps looking like it’s going backward rather than forward and each part that comes off of it, I tell myself this is it – I am not taking anything else off. It just doesn’t work out that way for some reason.

So right now along with the rear end that we pulled out a couple of weeks back, everything in the rear section of the car is now out. I have found so many issues with work done wrong, half-wrong and just irritating that almost everywhere I look there seems to be an issue. But, I think I am really on the verge of turning the corner in that something might finally be going back in the car – AND stay there. The other week, I built a new battery tray out of 1/2″ angle to replace the 15 pound piece of junk that someone had tossed in there to hold a battery. Now if the car was a class racer then maybe I could get it that this was a clever way of putting ballast in the car – but I am just fooling myself with thoughts like that because no one thought of anything other than just how to toss it in there. So back to the tray, I went ahead and welded it in only to discover that with a battery sitting in the tray it was about 2″ too high. So after cutting the tray out, today I put the tray back in at the correct height. I want to have the batteries sitting below the rear trunk line so that I can put an aluminum cover over the battery area sealing it from the driver.

The second item that has been put in and needs to be removed are the battery grounds that I welded to the rear roll bar tubes. The grounds interfere with the aluminum covers that I just mentioned. So I either put them on the other side of the tube or move them up further on the bar. Probably doesn’t matter really, they just need to be close enough to connect the battery ground cables.

So other work done was removing, cleaning, painting and checking out the ladder bars. Then I cleaned underneath the car – again- but it seems hopeless, the more I clean up the more dirt and crud I find. It’s seems to be endless and the car was power washed twice before it rolled into the garage. I guess it just means more rags, thinner and scraping. If I can get the underside clean and painted, then I can get the rear back in the car, the batteries mounted and start making some progress in the right direction.

IMG_0663If I could get back to this point, I think I might be happy….but for those keeping score today is December 11. I leave for vacation on December 24 and this car has to be running and rolling by December 23rd. Yep, I have 12 days to completely finish this project. Will I make it – not sure, but I am going to give it a good run.


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