Old Techniques are New Again

For years, I have read trade magazines written by and for professional mechanics. I especially enjoy the articles describing difficult-to-diagnose repairs. Symptoms such as an engine failing to start or stalling leads to methodical, meticulous testing of systems and individual parts. The clues often point to an electrical or computer… Continue reading

RGMOI – Oil Ranking Results – Part 3

The Wear Protection reference categories are: • Over 105,000 psi = INCREDIBLE wear protection • 90,000 to 105,000 psi = OUTSTANDING wear protection • 75,000 to 90,000 psi = GOOD wear protection • 60,000 to 75,000 psi = MODEST wear protection • Below 60,000 psi = UNDESIRABLE wear protection The… Continue reading

RGMOI – Part 2

Continuing with the motor oil information: In recent years there have been entirely too many wiped cam lobes and ruined lifter failures in traditional American flat tappet engines, even though a variety of well respected brand name parts were typically used. These failures involved people using various high zinc oils,… Continue reading

Really Good Motor Oil Information

There is a blog about motor oils that is simply second to none and I want to share that with you: https://540ratblog.wordpress.com/ The information itself is something that you have to read through, compare and comprehend to fully understand his testing methodology. I have been studying his information now for… Continue reading

On the Road Again – Jeep Part 4

With the Jeep unloaded and parked in John’s garage, I wanted to take a little time and do some fine tuning. The carburetor was still being a bit of a pill and I think it was due to the normally aggressive nature of Holley units. This model series having started… Continue reading

The Road to Success – Jeep Part 3

This was turning into some kind of Chess match, myself versus the Chinese. In today’s global economy it has become very difficult to purchase American made automotive parts. Most of that work has been shipped off-shore due to the lower cost of personnel. I dare say if you walked into… Continue reading

The Big Freeze – Jeep Part 2

Time, that’s all we need is more time. I had reached an interesting point in the project where the engine was in, some of the accessories were bolted into place and I was faced with a lot of wiring decisions to make and execute. Usually on a car project you… Continue reading

Just Something Free – Hot Rod T-Bucket Chassis Plans

The Internet can still be a cool place to be sometimes. While browsing around, I found these free T-Bucket chassis plans. They were last updated around 2008 and some of the information such as part numbers might not be correct but the idea is that they give you a good… Continue reading

You Don’t Race a Trailer – Or do you?

That question is one that is on-going among sportsman racers of all types. Trailers of course come in all sizes and styles with your imagination and pocketbook sometimes being the only controlling factors regarding them. And you can just about customize one anyway you like it from any trailer manufacturer… Continue reading

Mustang – Left Turn, no maybe the Right Turn?

Progress on this Mustang project is slow, well maybe slow is not the exact word – almost at a halt would probably be far more accurate. Recently my son decided to move to another house which meant we needed to pack up everything and that included the Mustang of course.… Continue reading