RV Repairs

We finally had a touch of cooperation from the weather but it didn’t last long. There was enough time to clean out the mess that I had made, add RV antifreeze to all of the drains and remove most of the connections to the sink and stove. Next step is… Continue reading

Inspiration is where you find it..

One of my pals on Facebook posted the picture below which has now ended up as the background on my laptop – why? Well inspiration is truly where you find it sometimes. I have been working on so many different things, not including normal work, that my head has simply… Continue reading

Home away from home

Our RV has served not only as your basic recreational vehicle but also as our race headquarters over the last 7 years. Like any vehicle, along with normal maintenance it has had it’s share of broken and replaced items plus modifications that have improved it or made it better suited… Continue reading