Brew Your Own Ethanol – DIY Plans

Yes that is correct, assuming that you submit a form and are approved for a permit by the Alcohol, Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau of the U.S. Government. The permit form is easy to fill out and must be approved before any production of Ethanol can be started.

Why would you want too? With the cost of fuel creeping towards $4 a gallon and it looks like there is not going to be any relief in that, plus the fact that more and more cars are capable of using at least a partial mix of ethanol as a fuel supply – I ask why not? Depending on how much fuel you wish to make and how handy you are, the start up costs are rather reasonable. And once that is accomplished then it is only the raw products you need along with some heat to brew your own fuel.

Depending on what you wish to power and it could be your lawn mower, riding tractor or car you will need to mix the ethanol in a certain proportion to regular gasoline. I would start with a 10% mix of ethanol to gasoline and then increase the ethanol until you see issues with starting and running the machine. At that point, back up to your last good mixture ratio. As an example let us say you end up using a 50/50 mixture. With the gasoline cost at $4 and the ethanol at less than a $1 – your cost per gallon of fuel drops to less than $2.50. And the greater amount of ethanol that you can run, the lower the cost of your fuel goes.

But let’s get back to the cars for just a moment. Early classic cars could have quite the problem with running ethanol mixtures. These cars contained a lot of rubber parts that the ethanol will dry out but even for this there is a fix. It’s called top-lube and can be purchased in speed shops or motorcycle shops that cater to the off-road crowd. Mixing in a small quantity of top-lube with the ethanol will resolve most of the issues with using it in a classic. My mixture is about 2-2.5 ounces of top-lube per 5 gallons of fuel. You may wish to experiment a bit to see what works for you.

Ethanol can be make with a variety of different things, the most common would be corn and sugar. Other items such as fruits and beets can also be used. Your distilling process and the mash that you formulate have an impact on the amount of ethanol that you will have from a certain amount of mash. Most of the information about how to make or “cook” the mash can be found from searches on the Internet.

One last thing about ethanol is that it is a non-pollutant, it burns cleanly, makes more BTU power than natural gas and is fairly safe to handle with some precautions taken.

To help get you started, we have resell rights for a full set of plans to build a still for producing the ethanol, some substitutions can be made in the plan based on materials you might already have – but just remember this is for making fuel only. Consumption of anything made from these still plans could lead to death. Also included in the package is a write up on the production of alcohol and a copy of the form that must be submitted to the U.S. Government for approval before starting production.

DIY Ethanol Still Plans – Total Cost $6.00 – Electronically Delivered

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