The dragster came about a long time ago. I had a ’66 Chevelle that I raced at the time and the car had reached it’s limit with the stock chassis or at least I thought it had back then. It was big and heavy plus I needed my children or friends to come along to the track to help me out with it. The bottom line really was that I wanted to go faster and the amount that it would take to get the old Chevelle there was substantial. The funny part is that I look back at that time today and halfway wish I had kept the car and made the modifications. The reality is, I didn’t have the knowledge or building experience that I do today and it would have been a miserable failure. So I ordered a dragster kit and you have this big model car kit to put together.

I was able to find a big block Chevy engine online for a good price and that ended up being my first combo for the car. That engine turned out to have a lot of problems but it did get me down the track and get some experience in the car along with letting me make my runs for my competition license.

A few years ago, I was tired of the way the dragster looked and fed up with the inconsistency of the current combination. There were also a few issues with the drive train and I questioned whether the next run was going to be the last. Its difficult to concentrate on winning a race when you’re worried about whether the whole deal is going to stay together or not. I pulled the car apart with the intentions of freshening everything up, fixing some electrical stuff and putting a new coat of paint on it. Per usual in my world, other things and projects and life in general managed to keep this project off the list for much longer than I had planned. Again if I had known, I would never had pulled it apart.

So now it’s time has finally come. The chassis is back in the garage, the engine is going together, and the trans needs fresh seals. Time to get to work.





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