Econo Box – Light Up the Night

Been a bit since updating our newest addition, a 2014 Nissan Versa Note. Fuel mileage was the big push for getting the car and so far it’s not too bad. We seem to be leveled out at 37.8 around town. That includes maybe 5-6 miles of highway driving so we think that on longer drives we should see an increase. I changed the oil and filter at just over 5000 miles and I decided to go with the WallyMart brand of synthetic and a Napa Gold filter.

One of the issues that my wife brought up was the headlights. I took the car out a few times and had to agree, the headlights, even on high-beam didn’t provide much lighting. After doing a bit of Googling and yes my Googliness is rated pretty high – I was able to find a replacement HID kit out of Canada from XexonDepot. The kit’s price was reasonable and included everything I needed to make the conversion from Halogen to HID. Actually I was very impressed with the kit, not only was it well done but I only had to make a connection to the hot side of the battery and connect two ground wires – which were located right at stock factory ground connections. Everything else was just a very simple plug together deal. The lights themselves are fantastic, providing uniform light across the road and certainly much brighter. The bluish tint of the light looks pretty cool with the silver-grey paint too. This is a conversion that I would recommend to anyone looking to upgrade the lighting on their car. Overall, it took me about 40-45 minutes to install the kit and the results are top-grade.


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