Fire the Torch!

Had a great week with family and friends during the holidays. Spent time with my daughter and her family in Florida, then headed up to our beach home on Topsail Island. I did manage to replace a defective shower faucet, help put a basketball goal together and helped replace the head gasket on my son-in-law’s Jeep. The rest of my time was however pleasantly work free; well except for some IT project work that needed to be done but even there I learned some new tricks.

So now that we are back home, we head back to the garage and get some more work accomplished on the Monza. When we left, we were mocking up the rear, waiting on some paint, wire and parts to arrive plus had just started on wiring. The vacation break allowed me to think through some of the issues that I am facing on the car, working out – at least in my mind – how to get them done. My start off point is going to be the rear – finishing up getting the brackets done, brake lines run and the drum brakes completed. Once that is done then we can move on to whatever strikes me as being next. My game plan here is trying to move from the rear of the car to the front – doesn’t always work that way but it puts some focus on a plan of sorts.

I am thinking too, that there are more than a couple of things that need to be done in my evening hours on the workbench  – like rebuilding a carb, cleaning up a distributor and building the electrical panel for the car. A lot to do but each thing done brings us one step closer to firing her up.


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