Fuel Cell – ReDo

The Monza came with a slick aluminum pop-open lid for re-fueling the car without having to remove the entire rear hatch. The hatch is fiberglass but with the wing attached to it, it can be tough to deal with for an individual. The problem was that the fuel cell opening was positioned about 15-20 inches in front of the lid opening making it just about worthless unless you had a very long funnel. So I decided that the easiest thing to do was to move the fuel cell back closer to the lid opening. The fuel cell was strapped to a couple of ½” angle iron pieces mounted between the rear frame rails. Removing the straps allowed the fuel cell to come out and since the rearward piece of angle iron would be in the way, I took that out too. Next was cutting some remaining stock flooring back to the rear crossmember tube and along with that I removed the stock latch mounting plus a few other extra pieces of sheet metal that were no longer needed. With the opening cut out, I positioned the cell as far back as possible and propped it in place so that I could make sure the fuel outlets had enough clearance. That too required a bit of trimming but the handy saws-all took care of it quickly. For a mount I decided to go with 2″ perforated angle, it has quite a bit of strength in short lengths and adds very little weight. I placed one piece at the rear along the rear crossmember tube, welding it solidly to the frame members and the crossmember. I then positioned the front mount and welded it in place. Next, some 2″ perforated flat metal was used to make the top straps. I used the fuel cell to bend these to the correct shape, then welded one end for each of them to the rear mount. Next I welded a pair of 3/8 bolts to the front mount for attaching the front part of the straps. Some washers, nyloc nuts and a coat of paint will complete the installation.

Next up will be re-trimming the tin work in this area, building a new battery box for the left side and fixing a minor taillight problem that I found.

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