G35 – Making Progress

Our G35 project is back on the front burner again. We have gotten the front bumper removed, headlights out, rear bumper, stripped the driver’s door and started on removing the deck lid spoiler. More about that one later.

SUNP0008 (2)

I am currently debating on whether to keep the crash bars or not, there is some weight there and I wonder what it would do to improve the handling of the car? As you can tell the car is a bit tore up compared to the lead picture that was taken a couple of years ago. I am looking forward to getting it back together but I do want to make changes that I hope will improve the car’s performance and fun factor.

SUNP0014 (2)SUNP0013 (2)

If anyone is interested in knowing, since it appears to be an unanswered question on the various forums, removing the rear bumper can be a bit of a challenge. Starting off, you need to remove some of the trunk trim then get the taillights off of the car. After that there are three 10mm bolts on each side that have to be removed, the worst of which is buried down inside the rear fender area. After those bolts are out, you have a few push-clips to remove on the top of the bumper and the bottom of the bumper. Lastly there are two phillip screws above the license plate along with four clips. The best way to clear the clips is brute force – just pull the bumper straight out from the car body.

My rear bumper has a bruise in it that is about the size of your fist. Initially I had thought to just repair it back to stock, but to match the new front bumper, I am going to customize the rear a little bit. Main thing will be cutting out and forming some air relief vents in the bumper. I have an idea of the shape I am going to use but have not decided on what to use to make the mold as I need both sides to be identical. I think it will give the car an interesting look plus be functional by letting air out from underneath the car.

The next thing that I tackled was the rear spoiler. The thing is bolted on with just three bolts but it is also fastened down with double stick tape and a number of nylon fasteners that do not give up easily. I worked on it for about an hour or more and managed to get the ends of the wings lose but the center area is stuck fast. It will probably take another hour of work to get it removed but I do not see how you can do a decent paint job with it attached to the car.

I have my work cut out for me that’s for sure.

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