Garage Antics, Mechanix Gloves and Road Trips

I have spent the last few days cleaning up my garage space, moving stuff around, trying to position Elvira and GT350 in workable locations, thrown out some junk but in the end, I am not sure I really gained anything at all. That could be the end of the story right there but one thing that I have found over the years is that when I “stall-out” on a project, one of the best things I can do is simply move it’s location. Something as simple as turning a car from nose to tail to tail to nose where it sits has been enough to relight my interest in the project. I have no idea why but I read that information in a car magazine ages ago and it works. So, in my case my space is wider than it is deep and while that’s fine for simply pulling in a normal sized vehicle, Elvira is a 235″ wheelbase dragster and it has never been able to fit in one of the garage stalls. I either have to move one end or the other to the side slightly to get the garage door to close. So to finish her up, I decided I was going to move it 90 degrees to the garage doors and this left me with plenty of space to move the GT350 alongside her. There is now enough space between each vehicle to work and I can create additional room just moving stuff outside temporarily. Admittedly it looks a bit funny right now but again for some reason it changes my perspective of the projects too.

I recently had the chance to attend several races with Doug and Phil, one of which I made a “live post” from. That was a lot of fun and in the future if I have the time and inclination, I think I will do it again. The app available for the iPhone worked rather well but typing on that little screen reminded me of Robin Williams in the movie “RV”. You could go blind if you had to do that a lot. One thing that I noticed during one of the races was younger racers trying to wear Mechanix type gloves as some type of fire protection. This is absolutely the wrong thing to be doing. Those gloves are mostly nylon and will simply melt and in a bad situation, they will melt and stay connected to your skin. Ask anyone in a burn unit that has seen something similar, I simply cannot imagine the pain involved with a doctor having to remove bits and pieces of melted nylon from your skin which is already severely damaged.  I certainly recommend that anyone racing, no matter the class, speed or elapsed time should wear safety gloves, but spend a little bit of money and buy the right gear. If you ever have need of it you will be glad that you have them on and that they can do their job to protect your hands, not add to your misery.

Each time I take the RV out on a road trip and the bulk of these have been to race tracks, I always have a mental list of items that either need repair or upgrading or just need something done about it. RVs are neat but they can also sound like a gypsy wagon going down the road with dishes, glassware and assorted other items banging around. Our RV is also about 10 years old now and while the mileage on it isn’t really anything to worry about, things just get loose over time and they need to be tightened up or mended in some fashion. On a nice smooth roadway, my RV is almost like one of those big Buicks my dad used to drive but just as soon as the pavement changes or there is any kind of pothole – look out, things can get a little bit exciting. Right now I am trying to quiet things down by taking some of the leftover indoor/outdoor carpet I have from the trailer project and use that to pad the wooden floors of the cabinets. I also had to replace the stereo system last year in the coach and need to put some Velcro on the feet of it to stop it from trying to march out of the entertainment cabinet. A new battery charger/convertor needs to replace the factory piece of junk that burns up the coach batteries and there is a new leak in the toilet valve that just showed up last weekend. A really good cleaning inside and out is also on the agenda. Plus it’s that time of year to climb on the roof and make sure everything is sealed and waterproof. And of course if I keep thinking about it the list is just going to get longer and longer. I do like having the RV at the race track especially on the multi-day events. We have in the past stayed in hotels, slept in the trailer or the truck, however being able to watch some racing, fix a meal, take a hot shower and bed down comfortably for the night without having to drive anywhere else has it’s advantages. And on that note, Debbie and I are going to take our first camping trip with the RV pretty soon. Should be some fun and I am looking forward to it.


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