Getting away from eBay

I have been on eBay for a very long time, sometime around 1998 or 1999. I have been what you would call a successful seller and buyer over all of these years. But over the last few years eBay has made it more and more difficult to sell items, they limit you now to just a few payment methods on most items, they forbid you to give any negative feedback to a buyer and they make it very easy for the buyer to steal the item from you.

Even an item selling for $.99 has to have a tracking number to protect yourself from a bad buyer. Obviously if you have to ship it for a minimum of $.46 and add tracking for $.90 plus the eBay fee and payment fees – well you get the picture, you just paid to sell the item. Malicious buyers have now figured out that eBay is a pickpocket’s dream – purchase an item, say you didn’t receive it no matter what and eBay will refund the money by taking it directly out of the seller’s on-file bank or credit card account.

So giving all of this, I finally made my last sale on eBay back during the holidays. It has been almost a month and I am suffering withdrawal – I enjoyed selling stuff, it was fun but now the fun is gone. My major problem over the last month has been that I still browse eBay as a giant catalog but I am also aware that more and more of the items sold are cheap products and/or ripoffs from Asia. I am sure I will still look sometimes but in an effort to limit it I have even removed it as a favorite from my browser and removed my Id information. By the way, eBay actually makes it a little difficult to close your account but I am working on that part of it.

My final take here is that eBay was an interesting idea, it was fun but I think at least for me it has run its course. Goodbye eBay – done and out.

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