Inspiration is where you find it..

One of my pals on Facebook posted the picture below which has now ended up as the background on my laptop – why? Well inspiration is truly where you find it sometimes. I have been working on so many different things, not including normal work, that my head has simply been spinning. One of the things that I have been trying to work on is to stop my bouncing from one project to another or at least starting another one. Now in theory this makes sense – finish what you start right? Well sometimes we don’t have the funds we need to get something to the point were we want it to be so my preference is to back off until I can make it the way I want. No point in finishing it up and not liking what I did because I am always going to want to go back and re-do it if I don’t like the outcome. So I have been working on is finishing up stuff, whether on a vehicle or around the house. I still have a lot of projects that are not completed but I am making progress, the real issue is stuff that pops up like the RV repairs that I have to make now. That was totally unplanned and means that the time I have to spend on that takes away from getting the other stuff done.


So back to the picture, why the inspiration? It’s one of the things that has influenced me for a very long time and it’s the way I view things. I have never understood why but another person can look at a simple bolt and nut – and see a bolt and nut. Myself, I see the nut and bolt of course but can those items do something different, something that maybe hasn’t been done before? I’ve needed threads in a flat piece of steel before, the nut and bolt supplied those after a little welding work. Or cut the head off the bolt and I have a stud that I need to mount something where a bolt wouldn’t fit. In the picture, not only does it inspire me to get on with the paint jobs that I need to complete but the simple idea of pulling the wheels, putting the body up high on jacks so you can be more comfortable painting the bottom areas, blocking the bottom with cardboard to keep paint off the bottom of the chassis and the lighting mounted amidships in the shop are all excellent ideas. I see things like using cardboard to mask the car in some areas rather than trying to use paper and tape. If you have ever masked off areas on a car that are open holes basically, you know the pain it can be – the cardboard is just too simple!

Lastly as to inspiration, this picture stays as my laptop background until I get moving on the paint projects I need to complete, mainly so every time I work on my laptop it will be reminding me that those projects are patiently waiting on me.


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