Kinston Winterfest Outing

Once again I am late on getting this posted but work, snow, Monza and whatever else is going on here makes it a bit tough to stay on schedule. I still have 30+ entries to finish writing for the Camaro project!

So, our plan for Kinston’s Winterfest race which is held in Kinston, N.C. early each year was to get there on Friday, race Saturday & Sunday then head for our house at Surf City. We would hole up there, make any changes/repairs needed then head over to Coastal Plains Dragway for another big dollar event on the following Saturday and Sunday.

It almost worked.

But Mother Nature got involved and killed any chance of racing at Coastal Plains for us. The weather that weekend looked okay for Saturday but Sunday showed a huge cold front coming in and knocking temperatures down to the ‘teens. Not very good drag racing conditions.


So we did race at Kinston on Saturday and Sunday, had a great time but to say we were having a little problem with getting the car hooked up is a huge understatement. It was pretty much launch the car, then watch it go sideways out of the groove and then Phil doing what he could to get it down the track. To sum it up, until other cars put a lot of rubber down on the surface, we were toast. Once there was some warmth and rubber on the track we started hooking and doing some positive things, unfortunately the good stuff ended with the 3rd round on both days. We did make some new friends that are from the area just east of Richmond and enjoyed talking to a lot of racers. The picture of the Vega below is their racecar.

Once we were packed up and heading to Surf City that Sunday afternoon, Phil ordered new slicks for the Camaro to be delivered to the house. Hopefully that would cure our slip and slide routine for the following weekend.











Looking at the map, it looks like you have to go around your elbow to get from Kinston to Surf City, but actually it ends up being about a 90 minute ride taking a couple of back roads that got us on RT 258 and we cruised right on by Coastal Plains Dragway on the way to our house. We unloaded the Camaro, put it in the garage and up on stands. All the wheels came off in preparation for putting new shoes on all four corners. We had obtained new front tires prior to leaving Richmond and had those with us.

We found a tire shop in Hampstead on RT 17 that was fantastic! AC Tire Clinic helped us out big time, getting all four wheels done in about 30-35 minutes and that included balancing the fronts for us. The price was the best deal we have gotten in a long time and they will be at the top of our list if we have any tire needs again.

With the car out of the trailer, we decided to repair the front diamond plate on the front of it that was dented and damaged plus put in some 110v lighting and outlets. This took most of one afternoon but went fairly well with no major drama involved. We put in two fluorescent 4-foot tubes for lighting, added a switch and outlet box a the side door, plus another outlet box on the outside of the trailer.

The rest of our week was spent either working on a few things around the house or doing our regular work. We of course were keeping one eye on the weather. Thursday afternoon came and Coastal Plains announced that racing was cancelled for the weekend. With that we packed up and headed back home on Friday morning. Our next shot out with the Camaro looks to be the last Test & Tune event at Richmond in March before the regular season gets started.

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