Let the Work Continue

Just got back in town so we are ready to dive back into our list of projects. As you can read here we have a number of different projects going on right now with all of them in various states of completion. So to joggle your memory and maybe keep mine straight, here is the firing order for how we expect our project work to pan out over the next few weeks.

My son wants to compete at the Hangover Nationals at Richmond Dragway on the first of January, 2015. That means that the shell of a car sitting in my garage right now that is known here as the Monza Bracket Racer gets the pole position in the list of projects. We have everything from building a battery tray to running fuel line and wiring the car to do on this one and that just lightly touches the amount of work it needs to be ready on New Year’s Day.

Next up is my own race trailer. It’s been sitting for two years now packed with my own race car, assorted parts and odds and ends. The last time the trailer was on the road was almost two years ago when we returned from a trip out to Las Vegas and somewhere along the way managed to bend one of the axles taking out the tire by the time we got it parked in the driveway. I have a long list of things to fix and update on the trailer but the immediate one is fixing the roof. I just walked it yesterday and found that I have a number of cracks in the sealant so those have got to be fixed pronto before any more rain water gets in the wrong places.

Next would be the open trailer. Nothing big other than some paint work, all new wiring and lights plus a new tongue jack. This trailer is needed to transport the Monza so it is a must-do.

My own racecar. Actually I finished a lot of work on this one sometime ago but there is some wiring to finish up, the engine/trans to drop back in and the panels need a fresh coat of paint. I would love to make the Hangover Nats with it but we will have to see how things go.

There is a ’55 Chevy sitting out there that has been extremely patient in waiting it’s turn in the garage. We have probably 90+ percent of the parts to get her finished, it’s just not been in the cards to make it happen. But, my wife recently took her first shots at drag racing glory and kind of liked it so I am thinking of giving the car a different tune and getting her some seat time in it. It’s a full on build from the ground up so it will take some time to complete – just have to see how motivated I am in the near future.

Finally we get back to the G35, my daily driver that’s been missing in action for several years now. This one has a long list of changes, mods, updates to do yet which is why it has to be at the end of the list. It’s just going to take a lot of time to do the things I want and I am in no great rush to mess it up. I would love to have the car back on the road in the spring but summer is much more likely.

I guess this is where I get to say, time to get to work!


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