Little Monza – A Few More Pieces

Good weekend for accomplishing some new work. After spending the previous weekend slipping and sliding at Kinston Dragway in North Carolina, I got back home later in the week and got back to work on the Monza.

I wanted to get some more of the front end stuff done since completing the wiring job a couple of weeks back. Phil had come over for a couple of days and tried to get the alternator mounted where I had mocked it up before pulling the engine out the first time – way back in the fall of last year. The problem was, the pulleys didn’t line up real well nor could I find a belt that would fit properly. I must have made 5 trips to NAPA for a belt and came up empty. So, I decided I needed to rethink the whole deal and that meant changing everything. Due to the front crossmember on this tube frame car and the location of the engine plus the engine mounts, it meant that the alternator bracket needed to be mounted to the frame. Is was impossible to mount to either side of the engine down low where we prefer to keep them at. My original mockup had mounted it to the frame too but more on the horizontal part of the crossmember so, I ended up drilling some new mounting holes in the bracket, chopping the bottom of the bracket off to clear the steering and managed to use the same size belt that we use on the Camaro and Bracket Dragster.

SUNP0040 As you can see from this picture, room is at a premium on this car and I have to think about 10 times over about how to mount something – there just isn’t any extra room.

With the alternator done, I next put the Pinto rack and pinion steering gear back in place. The original mounting was okay but I changed out some of the bolts and used nylock nuts to keep things in place. I also had to attach the lower end of the steering shaft as it sits up in the crossmember and is impossible to access once the rack and pinion is in place.

Moving on, the next item was the radiator. Back in the fall I had welded some 1×1 square tubing stubs to the front of the frame that would be used to hold the radiator in place. I planned out the mounting so that by pulling two pins, undoing the radiator hoses and removing one Dzus fastener we would be able to take the radiator, fan and overflow tank completely off the car for any service or work we needed to do to the front of the car or engine. Basically I created a cradle for the radiator to sit in using 1×1 tubing, then welded a mounting plate to it to catch the bottom of the radiator using button head bolts and nuts. I also used two lengths of 1/2″ tubing to create mounts for the fan assembly. Then using the overflow can that came with the car, I painted it, sealed a couple of holes that were in it for some odd reason, cleaned up the quarter turn drain valve and 90 degree fitting on it. A new stainless steel clamp that is mounted to the side of the radiator keeps it in place.

SUNP0045At the top of the radiator I took a Dzus fastener, put a 90 degree bend in it and mounted it to the center of the radiator. Off of that I ran two sections of 1/2″ tubing to the top intake manifold bolts in a “V” layout. This piece will support the top of the radiator and keep it from moving.

Right now all of the pieces are just mocked up and I will pull them apart to get them painted in the next few days. And other than finishing a new connector for the fan, the frontend stuff is now complete.

Next up is to finish getting the interior tin mounted and making a mount for the shifter. All of the steering gear is done and just needs to be finish mounted. With that we put the dash in, button up the last wire connections and fire this puppy up. The end is now in sight!

Here are some additional pictures of the car.


SUNP0024  SUNP0026SUNP0025 SUNP0027 SUNP0028 SUNP0029 SUNP0030 SUNP0031 SUNP0032 SUNP0033 SUNP0034 SUNP0035 SUNP0036 SUNP0037 SUNP0039 SUNP0040 SUNP0041 SUNP0042 SUNP0043Started the project with these gloves, think I got my money out of this pair.


And one last word this week – Arthur was our 15 year old Cocker Spaniel that I got when he was 5 weeks old. Right up until the end, he always acted like a puppy, wanting to play and cut-up. He made me mad sometimes, he was stubborn as a rock on certain days and I regret getting angry with him. But he always came to me for a pat on the head and was always looking for a snack. We had a lot of good times with him and he is missed. Sweet dreams Arthur – we love you.


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