Little Monza – Almost Done

This is the post that I have been waiting to write – in one sort of way that is. All at once I am happy to be just about done with the Monza and at the same moment a little sad that another build is over with again. I hate to admit it sometimes but for all of the burns, cuts, frozen fingers, parts that were wrong and totally alarmed at some of the work done on this car in the past – I really enjoy doing this stuff!


Yep, it’s outside the shop finally. I rolled it out Sunday and cleaned up the mess that I had made. It’s amazing how much junk you can generate doing something like this. The only things left at this point is mounting the rear bulk head aluminum to protect the driver from the fuel tank and putting a couple of Dzus tabs at the bottom of the front fenders. The current setup has them underneath the fender which works but means you have to get down on your knees to even see where the quarter-turn fastener is located. I am going to put them on the lower sides of the front fender so you can get to them. And last is putting the lexan windshield back in the car – that should take all of 10 minutes.


SUNP0057 SUNP0055 SUNP0053 SUNP0052 SUNP0051 SUNP0050The engine fired up without too much effort although we had a little mix up on two plug wires. No leaks at all in any of the systems, always a nice thing. A lot of the car just fell together here at the end of things. But that was due to the fact that most of it had been mocked up so many times, it was just a matter of actually tightening the bolts down this time.

I guess out of all of it, I was really happy with the way most of the interior metal turned out and the mount for the radiator is just perfect. For now just to get it fired up and going, I decided to put the 650 cfm carburetor back on. I still plan on re-building the 750 unit and doing a video on that work.


IMG_1474 IMG_1473 IMG_1477Just for a little fun, the last 3 photos are a look back about 6 months ago and what I started out with – quite a difference isn’t it? I know some guys at the drag strip were shaking their heads looking at this mess of a car. Hopefully those looks will be a bit more approving when we get back there. With more bad weather coming this weekend, it looks like all 3 of the test and tune sessions at our drag strip have now been wiped out. I was really hoping to get the car to at least two of them before the season started but now we just have to try and rely on a few money races to get the car sorted out. Our Camaro will be out for the St. Patty’s Day race at VMP on March 21 & 22 and the driver for the Monza is out of state right now, so maybe March 28 is looking like our first available shot with the Little Monza. We will post the results when we have them – wish us luck!


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