Little Monza – Quick Update

Little Monza has made it out for two test & tune sessions as the east coast seems to stay mostly wet this Spring. Our first go didn’t have the results we were looking for as we had a serious misfire situation that was a strange mystery to us. Other than clean things up a bit, put in some new plugs, coil and cap we had not really changed anything on the engine during our cleanup work. The engine ran fine during our only other runs with the car last fall. We also had some strange electrical issues with the lighting on the car, as suddenly our two-way toggle switch to control the tail lamps and headlights no longer worked properly.

Back in the shop we pulled the switch panel to check the situation and found that the diode on the switch had shorted out. But we also noticed that one of the screws on the ignition switch had fallen out too. That explained the misfire problem we were having! The wire was making normal contact, but when Jeremiah attempted to bring the RPM level up, the vibrations were cutting the ignition on and off – rapidly. With these issues squared away we were ready to take another test shot with the car.

Last fall, with Phil in the car we were able to get a 6.92 in the 1/8 mile from the car. On Jeremiah’s first full pass last night at Richmond Dragway, we were rewarded with a 7.00. For an updated car and new driver – rather impressive! We ended up getting in a number of runs last night although as the evening went on, the cooler air had an affect on the hook the track provided and our last two runs were with a pretty loose race car. But prior to that and with a crowd that I would estimate at about 175 – 200 cars racing last night, we recorded a 6.81 then backed that up with a 6.77 and just short of 102 mph!!

And for those of you more familiar with quarter mile times, that converts to 10.67 @ 125 mph.

I am very proud of the efforts that everyone has put into this and with some tuning changes that we will make, we are confident that the 6.50/.40 area will be our next target for the car.


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