Little Monza Wins Round One

Well, best put efforts over a shortened amount of time allowed the Monza to win this round. Another one of those projects where I needed a chassis construction shop and fully stocked speed shop next to my house to have any hope of getting the car done on time. Asked for a little help – pickup a small item for me at the parts store and even that couldn’t make it to my shop. Oh well – next year.

The rear of the car sans brake lines and putting the rear brakes on it is complete. Next issue is putting the fuel line through a piece of pipe that the safety rules require, hanging the brake pedal and master cylinder. After that we finish wiring the car – already done some of it – and drop the engine/trans back in place. Then put the front suspension back in the car and call her done!

Since we are missing the yearly New Years race, our next opportunity comes up with 4 test and tune events beginning February 28th. I do expect the car to be there and making the first test shots on the new combo for the upcoming year. Anything after that is akin to falling off the cart – it’s just going to happen.

We will have quite a number of updates coming your way starting closer to the first of the year as we take a break right now for Christmas – so to all of our readers we do wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May next year bring you a lot of win lights – unless of course we are in the other lane!


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