Meet Elvira

Well, it’s March of 2017 now and I have made some progress on my race car. Per normal other things have come up that interrupt the work on it but I am not complaining. Some of this is money producing while other stuff is just a choice I make at the moment.

We took advantage of some good weather down south this year and took the Camaro to Coastal Plains, NC for their Valentine’s Day race. $2000 to win in the Mod class was looking pretty good to us as we worked our way down to the semi-finals with just three cars left. We lost a close match in the 7th round to end up finishing third for the night. But the car was consistent and we were able to dial it pretty well as the temperature, humidity and density altitude moved around on us all day long. Unfortunately, one of our other Richmond friends did not have the same luck and lost oil pressure on his second time trial run of the day. Sad to have to put that one in the trailer as we always enjoy getting down to the final rounds with him.

Our Camaro on a time trial shot at Coastal Plains, NC.

Back home, the dragster has a good part of its wiring figured out now as I made some additions that I hope will improve my consistency with the car. In bracket racing it’s not how fast or quick you are, it’s being able to repeat your runs on a given day that really matters. The engine is completed and with Phil’s help is now in the car along with the transmission. We did some maintenance work on the transmission, changing the filter to a Chrysler 727 type filter which is about 25-30% larger than the stock Powerglide one. We also installed a temperature sensor in the fluid pan and installed one of Moroso’s reusable silicone pan gaskets. We had used their gaskets on the valve covers before and they worked out really well.

The funny part of this day is the amount of blood-letting that occurred. I was seriously running out of band-aids at an incredible clip. So in honor of one of my favorite ladies who happens to be a vampiress, Elvira – Mistress of the Dark – I now have a name for my dragster, going forward she will be known as Elvira.

  Not sure if we will make the opener but we should be really close. Test and tunes were supposed to start a few weekends back but cold weather has kept all of the local tracks closed. I wanted to get some testing done before the season opened but that’s not looking like much of an option right now. At best we might try a few Friday night test sessions to sort things out and get reacquainted with my seat. Going back to old logbooks and with the previous combo, the last 3 good runs on the car were all 4.92’s @ 140 mph. My goal is to improve that to at least 4.80 numbers and pickup 3-4 mph.

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