Mid-Atlantic Championship

We are here at VMP for the Mid-Atlantic Championship. The race primarily consists of the top 20 in points in each racing class from local area dragstrips. Last night’s part of the event was lost to foul weather but today is at least dry but very heavily overcast. Phil is racing as an outlaw at this event as he missed the top twenty in points at Virgina Motorsports Park by one position. Doug is representing Richmond Dragway in the drag bike class having finished 8th in points. This is Doug’s second appearance in the finals with only two years of racing the bike.

Currently we are working our way through time trials and the runoffs between the different dragstrip’s class champions.

Our first time shot with the Camaro resulted in a minor bog at the launch so we made the decision to switch back to our larger carburetor. The first round of eliminations will start within the next hour and we will know if it was the right choice.

Just completed our first round of the gambler’s race. Ran a 6.01 on a 5.99 dial and took the win. Second round is probably a good 2 hours from now.

A little after 7:00p and we have now completed 2nd round with another win running 6.03 On a 6.00 dial. Humidity is high at 73% and that is killing a lot of power on our alcohol fueled engine. Doug took his round besting his opponent by a full bike length, running 6.02 on a 6.00 dial. Next round should be around 8:00p.

It is just after 9:00p and Doug just moved onto 3rd round with another victory. He dialed a 6.00 and ran a 5.99, however his opponent dialed at 6.10 left early turning on the red light. Next up after the drag bikes will be the 3rd round of Mofified racing.

Roughly 9:30p and 3rd round was our ending. A late tree that couldn’t be recovered from was the deciding factor. So the Camaro was put away for the evening. 3rd round for the drag bikes was also the end to Dougs running. A 5.80 on a 6.00 dial was just a bit too quick.

Tomorrow is the runoffs between the various tracks and that racing is scheduled to begin at 10:00a.

Day Two

It’s 11:00a and we are in the staging lanes ready for first round action. There is no re-entry or buy-backs for today. You either keep winning rounds or you go home.

And we win Round One with a 6.04 pass on a 6.03 dial. The pass would have have been a 6.03 but he killed some mph at the trap. Track is biting and the air is a touch dryer than last night, should be some fun, old style racing today.

Dougs first elimination run in drag bike comes at 1:30p but it ends his day as he breaks out running .002 too quickly and going red handing the win to his opponent.

Next up is the second round for Modified. The air has dried out considerably since the first round earlier and this normally translates to the Camaro running a bit quicker.

And we move on to third round having run a 6.02 on a 6.02 dial-in and our opponent leaving too early resulting in a red light.

Third round in Modified started just before 3:00p. Phil was the third set of cars to go down the track and once again dialed a 6.02. His opponent dialed at 8.31 red lighted giving the win to Phil and the Camaro. Phil ran the car out on what is basically a free time shot to a 6.01. The fourth round should start in about an hour.

It’s right at 4:00p now and we just finished the fourth round for us. Unfortunately Phil was a bit off on the tree and unable to catch his opponent. The Camaro ran a 6.01 on a 6.01 dial so we had the car figured out pretty good, just came up a little short this time.

I had a great time this weekend and enjoyed seeing a lot of my racing friends and even made some new friends. I am looking forward to the next event on our calendar, the Halloween Klash at Richmond Dragway.


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