New Brakes

Our G35 came factory equipped with the Bremo brake option which includes larger discs and 4-puck calipers. The system is very similar to the one that we had on our ’66 Corvette years ago.

One of the first changes we had to make after owning the car for about 6 months was changing out the pads. The originals were getting slim and high-speed stops were starting to be a problem. Another problem that we did not expect was finding the correct replacement pads. Infiniti’s $600 price tag for the replacement parts wasn’t making us feel any better about things either.

  bremosWith a little help from a local parts store and a few trips in-between, we finally managed to locate replacement pads that didn’t completely wreck my wallet. One thing that I have learned to do over the years is that when I have trouble finding parts, I always save the part numbers for the stuff so that I can locate it again or at least have a good chance of it. I use Lone Wolf software to track the work and upkeep on the vehicles and it provides a great place to store this information.

The replacement was fairly standard, however I did have to use the factory isolators to keep the pads from squealing. These were Wagner Semi-Metallic pads which ended up being the death of the discs later on but that’s another story. Overall there was nothing fancy about this but the car stopped on a dime again and I had less that a c-note in the parts – I could live with that for now.


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