New Year – Same Stuff

Well the new year arrived a few days ago, Ms. Carey made a mess of it and did the typical thing – lets blame someone else so since Dick Clark isn’t around to defend himself anymore lets pick on his business. Sound familiar?

Moving on, with the jeep project completed and delivered we again started freeing up space in my very busy garage. For the first day or two after getting it cleared out, I almost regretted putting anything back in it. My dragster made it out of the box finally and into the smaller garage stall. It barely fits, has to be angled a bit and the rear wheels removed but it’s in there. So this will let me get two things done. One I can get back to finishing up all the little details in the enclosed trailer and two, put the dragster back together. Weather of course is going to play a part of this winter time game but today it’s nice, sun is out and the temperatures are up. This weekend they call for snow but we’ll see if it really gets here.

The dragster needs to have it’s engine and transmission reinstalled, some changes made to the electrical wiring and the panels painted. I started on the engine just before the holidays and I received a really nice gift from my wife for the engine – a new Moroso billet aluminum oil pump! Now, how many people do you know that actually get excited about an engine oil pump? Right. But if you knew that big block Chevy engines especially mounted in dragsters have a knack for breaking the stock style oil pump, which leads to other really bad, bad things – you would be excited too. So the oil pan that I just installed has to come back off but that’s okay. I can deal with it. A couple of other things that had to be done was getting the mandrel for the vacuum pump machined correctly and some work on the Brodix intake manifold to match up with the new carburetor spacer that I want to use this year. I am about 50% finished with that work. Other stuff was installing the valve train which included the new cam roller lifters, pushrods and the installation of the Jesel rocker arm assemblies. My son Phil spent a day with me to get all of that done. We also took some time to take the Camaro out to the New Year’s Eve race at Richmond Dragway. A couple of 1st round wins (entered both classes) were a great way to start the new year but 2nd round didn’t treat us as well. Oh well, on to the new season and I am looking forward to having my own car out there again.

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