Not All Browsers are Equal

Most of us that have been on the Internet for the ages realize that we have had “browser wars” in the past and that currently there are a number of different browsers that you can use to view visual and text information for the Web. Most of these browsers will interpret the coding of a webpage based on their normal settings or if they have been modified, then obviously the coding is modified accordingly. And – most people have a favorite browser that they use simply because they are familiar with it and know how to use it.

So, my wife comes home the other day and informs me that my website looks really, really bad. I am stunned slightly because while I code for Firefox browsers, I do take the time to look at my site with several others including Internet Explorer, Chrome and Opera. The other browsers will move things around a bit but nothing that I want to complain about and WordPerfect does a pretty good job of allowing for the idiosyncrasies of the two major browsers – Firefox and Internet Explorer. Anyway, I jumped on her laptop and pulled up my site – I didn’t really see anything that badly out of whack so my suspicion is that she viewed it from a browser that was either a really old version or someone had put in their own preferences which over-writes the coding.

Just to help out a little here, I am displaying a few screen shots below of how a couple of pages on my site should look  -if your view is quite different, I would love to see a screenshot of it. Please email it to ~ Thanks!




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