Okay – This is not a test

Nor is this a new project either but I can’t help posting the newest automotive member of the family. This little number runs great, has about 90k on the clock, corners like a slot car and actually gets close to 40 mpg if you keep your foot out of it. This is a 2001 Toyota MR2 and was Toyota’s attempt at a knock-off of the Porsche Boxer.

IMG_0891Like any of the rides around here, this one needs a little bit of care and it’s got it’s dings and scratches. Other than trying to get all the dog or car hair out of the carpeting, I think a quick buff and wax plus cleaning up the headlights and wheels on this one is going to be it. Everything works now after a little lubrication and cleaning – things were just dirty and stuck. Oil & filter appear to be recent and the brakes are good for another 20-25k miles. Tires have about that much life left in them too.

This one is just going to be for fun – hanging out at the Dairy Queen at the beach with the top down is where I am headed.

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