You Don’t Race a Trailer – Or do you?

That question is one that is on-going among sportsman racers of all types. Trailers of course come in all sizes and styles with your imagination and pocketbook sometimes being the only controlling factors regarding them. And you can just about customize one anyway you like it from any trailer manufacturer… Continue reading

Mustang – Left Turn, no maybe the Right Turn?

Progress on this Mustang project is slow, well maybe slow is not the exact word – almost at a halt would probably be far more accurate. Recently my son decided to move to another house which meant we needed to pack up everything and that included the Mustang of course.… Continue reading

Fire the Torch!

Had a great week with family and friends during the holidays. Spent time with my daughter and her family in Florida, then headed up to our beach home on Topsail Island. I did manage to replace a defective shower faucet, help put a basketball goal together and helped replace the… Continue reading