Project Camaro – Part 1

This is my son Phillip’s newest project. The Mazda Speed that he has raced the last few years is also his street ride, go to work car, etc. and it was getting to the point that the car’s performance, while improving was eventually going to break something. That “something” would probably be pretty expensive too.


The Camaro was found on e-Bay and also just happened to be located locally so picking the car up should have been an easy exercise. The engine had a bad knock in it, but the car would start and move under it’s own power. We hooked up our trailer and headed over one Saturday morning for what ended up being a bit of an adventure. The car was located behind a fenced area and there was no where to park the rig, so as I drove around trying to find a place to land, my son started working on getting the car cranked up. One problem we had was that the battery we had with us was a top post and of course GM in it’s wonderful weirdness uses a side post arrangement. We finally got it cranked by my holding the battery cables to the battery terminals and walking along side of the car as he drove it to the edge of the street. At that point we couldn’t get out on the street as every time we tried, a car would show up and once again, the engine would shut off! We then decided that we would be better off pushing the car down the street to a side street where our rig was parked. That worked out well, so we lined up the car with the trailer ramps, went to start the car and started having problems getting it cranked. Geeezzzz, does this never end?

Finally after ditching the air cleaner and putting a bit more bite on the battery cables, the engine decided to cooperate, but once again as we tried to get it up on the trailer, it kept shutting off. We were not sure how long the engine was going to run with the knock in it and kept expecting a rod to come through the side of the block any minute. Our last shot was for me to hold the cables on the battery as he drove it up the trailer ramp with myself stepping up on the trailer in sequence with the car! I really am getting to old for this stuff. And my other worry as he was gunning the engine and sliding the clutch was that the car would go flying into the back of my truck! But all ended well, we tied the car down and headed back to my garage to begin the Camaro’s conversion into Rutherford Motorsports’ newest race car.

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