Project Camaro – Vintage – Part II

Getting back to our garage meant one thing, first we had to make room for this project and I won’t go into all of the horrible details, but it took the better part of a day to clear the space we needed. After getting the car situated, we started tearing into things. Basically, everything that doesn’t help the car get down the dragstrip is removed. And as we removed all of this stuff, we piled the bulk of it into the back of our truck to take to the dump. It didn’t take very long to fill the truck several times and we’re still not finished. Yet to come out of the car is the original motor, trans and rear assembly. To our delight we have found several dollars worth of change, plus some bits and pieces that we will be putting up for auction on e-Bay.

P0001406  P0001405

Our plan for the car is to use a 355 small block engine with a 350 Turbo Hydro trans and probably a 12-bolt rear with a spool. Tires will be in the area of 10-11 inches, and we may have to mini-tub it to get the room we need. The interior will consist of racing seat, 8-point rollbar, a few gauges, S&W steering assembly connected to a Vega standard steering box and B&M Pro Stick. We will use a JAZ 5 gallon fuel cell, relocated battery, Holley pump, filter, and regulator. Holley will also suppy the carburetion.


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