Project Camaro – Vintage – Part IV

After the last installment, I think both Phil and I felt that we had made a lot of progress on the car. Well, that was kind of short-lived. As we dug back into the car this week, you start to realize what you have actually done to yourself. I have joints and muscles in my body that are starting to talk to me…and on a pretty continual basis I might add.


We worked on getting the chassis connectors in place and while we’re not totally happy with the results, they should work okay. Just one of those deals where you do the best you can with what you have available. The front end components also came out, and things have to be cleaned up, rebuilt and put back together. Each time we think there is nothing else that needs to come out, we remind ourselves that the original rear is still in the car and that has to be changed. We also positioned the rollbar, drilled holes below where the plates will go and dropped it into place. Some quick measurements and it’s ready to be trimmed for a perfect fit. Next step is to tack everything in place, re-check our measurements and begin the final welding. We also have an aluminum dash to put into place, holes in the firewall to fill and more bodywork to finish. Did I say we had made progress?


The parts list is shrinking and growing all at once as we work our way through deals on eBay and pick up the odd item from Jegs or Summit. Parts that we thought we would use, but decide not too, find their way back to eBay too. We now have all of the components of a good, decent 355 engine. Iron Eagle Dart heads, Edlebrock Victor Jr., Holley carb, MSD ignition, Compcams roller cam setup, 12.5:1 SRP pistons, Eagle H-Beam rods, forged crankshaft, 4-bolt main block, Moroso pan, ATI dampner, CSR Waterpump, ministarter, Hooker Hedders, and a dose of other Manley or Moroso bits and parts. Whew!

New ball joints, tie-rod ends, idler arm and lower a-arm bushings need to be installed along with the Moroso Trick springs. Then the new brake components have to be done with the front of the car getting all new 3/16″ piping along with a role control unit. Actually, if it just warms up a little, I might as well go live in the garage at this point.

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