Project Econo Box – Update


Project Econo Box got it’s first real run recently. We made our normal jaunt down to Topsail Island for a few days and the car while a bit tight performed very well. Overall the ride was comfortable, the controls were within easy reach and fuel economy was right around 35-36. That is a bit below our expectations but we did have the car packed to the gills with stuff, some of it rather heavy and we encountered a lot of stormy weather on our trip down to the island. Coming home, we were a bit lighter and weather was rainy but not heavy. I did not check the fuel mileage on the return trip but simply based on the fuel gauge movement it seemed to be a bit better.

10556514_10152293285303481_7310373397569334177_n The dolphins were having a great time at the beach!

We did manage to shoot right past our 500 mile oil and filter change so that might be done at the 1000 mile mark now. I have also not taken time to check tire pressures yet. According to the owner’s manual, Nissan sends the car out with their normal grade of dino oil so maybe getting it over to synthetic and making sure tire pressures are up will assist the miles per gallon measurement.

We will have another report next month.


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