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My youngest son has always had a soft spot for Mustangs and while he recently acquired a very nice 2008 350Z Nismo, he wanted something that he could work on and enjoy at the track. The Nismo is really too valuable for track work so the thought was to find a cheap Mustang project.

1995 2

Shopping Craigslist proved to be a real adventure, it seems that a lot of people like to advertise cars but they either don’t want to sell them or they think it’s worth a ridiculous amount of money. But in the end it worked out and for a very small amount of money, he was able to find a ’95 Mustang GT that came with minimal power equipment and a 5.0 liter/automatic combination. It seems that the 94/95 are not the most popular but it’s still a nice looking Mustang. The downside is that the car had been hit in the left front knocking out the headlight, headlight mounting, grill and minor other stuff. At the back of the car the damage was a little different, it appears that at some point while filling the gas tank or removing fuel – who knows – the car had caught fire. Damage was limited to losing some of the trunk cardboard and smoke damage. It also resulted in someone’s bad attempt to repaint the back of the car which didn’t come close to matching the original white paint.

My son has a really limited budget so a few rules are in effect. One is that the car has to remain streetable, second – modifications have to be limited to bolt-on type stuff. The upside to this is that the car runs fine and there is nothing super major wrong that needs a lot of attention. The central focus for now is getting the car lighter as anything we can do to remove unneeded weight is going to improve the performance.

Our first work was to remove the damaged pieces from the front of the car. This involved taking the front bumper off along with the grill, the broken headlights and headlight mount. Next to come off was the impact bar and cushion. We now have to figure out how to make a light weight mounting bracket to hold the front bumper on. Other stuff to come off were bits and pieces that previous owners had put on the car. Nothing major but just more stuff that isn’t needed.

This is going to be a long-term project and progress will be slow at times however we do plan to show everything that gets done to the car.

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