Project Camaro


Project Camaro has been with us for 10 plus years now and has gone through a lot of changes. Starting out as a running – well sort of – street car purchased locally we spent the first 10 months of 2006 stripping the car down and rebuilding it into an all-out drag racing bracket car. All of the work on the car was performed by my son Phil and myself in my garage. We made mistakes, got most of it right and now have a car that runs solidly in the mid 9 second range in the quarter mile.

When we originally built the car I published our work, usually weekly on my website. A couple of years ago I switched to a blogging format and had only managed to put up a few of the original articles. I am now working on getting the rest of the original articles posted and the entire build series will be available. Updates that have occurred over the years will follow that build series.

As I write this in late October of 2017, Project Camaro has won a large number of rounds and has been champion at more than a few races. My son’s skill behind the wheel has improved dramatically over the last few seasons and we have put many top contenders on the trailer. Our efforts going into 2018 are to continue this trend, winning rounds and winning races. We have some serious updates coming up for the Winter of 2017 and once again I will document the work as we get it completed.

So let’s get started with Project Camaro – Part 1.

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