Quick Performance – Too Many Issues

It’s a long story and they resolved some of it but we’re still having issues.

Someone else on the Tri-Chevy.com forum said something about not bashing a vendor and I do get that but damn it they are very willing to take your cash for the product so they do have a responsibility to at least provide what they sold you. Anything else if not corrected is simply fraud.

I can only say at this point is that if you do not have a machine shop at your disposal you will be hurting. Forget timelines and understand that the odds of anything fitting correctly the first, second or third time is seemingly unlikely.

We ordered a narrowed 9″ housing, aftermarket axles (Moser), 3rd member with spool/pro gears/billet pinion support and flange, and a universal disc brake kit.

The 3rd member was assembled and came in a Loews bucket. I guess the idea was to protect the 3rd member without supplying the cost of an actual enclosure for it. Remember, a Ford 9″ 3rd member assembled weighs about 70-80 pounds. The plastic bucket was destroyed in transit and we had to spend some time with an airgun and a can of brake cleaner to rid it of hundreds of tiny bits of plastic. The axles were not drilled for the dual wheel pattern we requested or the correct sized lugs and had to be corrected. The discs supplied in the kit were not drilled for the correct pattern nor the correct size lugs (1/2″), those also had to be returned. The second set of discs sent were not the optional drilled and slotted as requested and paid for so those had to be returned too. I have spoke with the owner a couple of times and been assured that things would be taken care of but I sit here now waiting on some minor hardware parts that were supposed to be supplied and have never been shipped. I have called back since then, spoke with a representative that told me someone would call me – that hasn’t happened yet either.

The universal brake kit needs to be cut off the rear as I mistakenly welded it in place without realizing that it allows the GM calipers to mount too far out from the discs which ends up using only about 65% of the pad surface. So much for water-jet cut brake mounting pieces as you have to modify them yourself to get them fitted correctly. There were no instructions included with the kit either but we had installed a similar kit on the Camaro when we built it and did not have these problems.


We placed this order in December, 2015 thinking we would have plenty of time to make this swap and have the car out for our first points event this season. Car still sits in the garage yet to turn a wheel this year – 4 points races have come and gone now. I guess the standard statement here is that you get what you pay for – well I think we paid rather dearly for this rear end. I can tell you that we have only had to check the rear in the Camaro a couple of times over the 10 years we have raced it, I can also tell you that I will probably pull the rear from the Monza next off season to verify that everything is okay with it.

I am actually not mad about this either as most of the issues were eventually resolved but how a company can stay in business having to rework order after order is beyond me.

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