RV Damages – Or here we go again

As the old saying goes, the best laid plans of mice and men…..

I had just recently finished installing a replacement stereo and DVD player in the RV to replace the piece of junk that it came with…the one that couldn’t play a brand new DVD out of the wrapper to save it’s life. We also had a buddy that does countertops and he repaired the dinette table for us doing a fantastic job on it. So, I was making progress on upgrades and repairs that it needed.

At this point, my main concerns were the following:

  • A/C engine unit making a weird noise when the clutch engages
  • Replacement needed for the vent cover in bathroom
  • Cleaning up the excess glue that was left on the ceiling
  • Looking for something that would give the oak cabinets a richer look
  • Minor repair to the shower stall – drain has always been a bit off-center
  • Resealing some of the basement compartments
  • Replacing most of the weatherseals on the basement keylocks
  • Adding separate relays to the headlights to increase candlepower
  • Like to add additional house battery capacity
  • Add a switch and transformer to power heater from shore power when available
  • Fix paint damage on rear corners

Quite a list but very doable.

But we have new problems to deal with now. A major problem while I was out of town is that the water storage tank expanded badly and pushed the floor in the kitchen area up about 3+ inches. This cracked the countertop, broke the backsplash mirrors, left the floor pushed up, tore holes in the vinyl entrance flooring and hopefully that’s it. It looks like pulling the stove, sink, countertop, maybe heater will be required to get the cabinet out of the way so that I can get to the floor damage. I have a few ideas on how to level the floor back out as I think the major problem is one or two of the metal support rails is bent. I should be able to bring those back in place with some careful work.

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