RV Damages – Update – 1/2/2014

There ended up being limited time and cooperative weather to get much done on the RV so far.

At this point, I have disconnected everything that I can find that would be hooked up to the stove or sink in the kitchen area. What I have found so far is that some of the mounting points for the cabinet have been destroyed and will need to fixed before I can put the cabinet back in place. A few water lines got pulled away from their moorings so I will also have to check to make sure that seals, etc are okay in each of the various connections. It looks like the furnace and hot water heater survived okay although I will also check the water connections on the water heater. I am also looking for a transformer that can power the furnace off of 120v when connected to shore power. I think a combination switch will work for switching the power from batteries to 120v and plan to mount the switch on the bulkhead piece that separates the storage area under the sink cabinet to the water heater/furnace area.

I have yet to pull the oven out but have it disconnected and have been looking around under the cabinet at the amount of dead space sitting there. I realize that some of this is intended to be air draw space for the furnace but really there is probably a good 8 square feet of space sitting there. The external panel below the oven is cut out with a louvered panel screwed in place. I plan to do a hidden cabinet hinge for that panel either on one side or at the bottom, then do something in the way of storage bins or shelving. The other thing that I want to check on is a filter for the furnace – there probably isn’t anything there but it would seem to me that we have them on our other heating systems so why not in the RV too?

One last thing in my short exploration of this area is how badly the RV is sealed off from the eternal elements. I guess the point was, if you can’t see it in the finished product then you never know it’s there. Well I know it now and can see sunlight filtering through in some spots which means water moisture, bugs etc can be entering there too. I am going to make sure that all of the wall/floor areas and holes in the wall for piping are properly closed up before we put the cabinet back in place. A tube of caulking will probably be a big benefit but this makes me wonder about some of the other areas in the RV now. I have often wondered about the area under the main bed and the slide plus at the front of the RV in the footwell areas for the driver and front passenger, it always seemed like it was a bit lose or drafty.


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