RV Repairs – Almost There

As noted in my last post on the RV repair, there was still quite a bit of work to be done and while I was able to get it to a usable point – enough that we made the trip to Bristol, TN for the World Footbrake Challenge race – I still have a few more things to fix.

After getting the floor covering back in I started working on the cabinets. To be honest, a lot of the supporting wood was destroyed so all of that had to be made new and installed before the cabinets could be placed back in the RV. One of the things that helped me a little bit on this was having put custom cabinets in two different kitchens so I am very familiar with how cabinets should be installed. And believe me what the factory did wasn’t even close. I now have the cabinets in so that they are a integral part of the RV, not just something sitting on the floor with a few screws keeping them from sliding around. I was also able to take advantage of the extra space under the oven that I mentioned before along with adding some addition hanger space under the sink area. My side cabinet has four drawers in it and not one of them was sitting straight in the frame. I fixed all of those and the drawers slide in and out along with latching properly now. I know these things are thrown together at the factory, but you would think that they could at least get something reasonably straight and level.

With the cabinets all done, I reinstalled the counter top. Again, it is now mounted correctly rather than just sitting on the cabinets with a couple of screws in it. To facilitate putting the plumbing drain back together where I cut it for removal, I went to the hardware store and picked up a rubber connection fitting. If it ever needs to be taken apart again, a screwdriver is all that will be needed. Wiring underneath was reconnected to switches, aisle lighting done, loose bits and pieces were fastened down and we ran wiring for installing and connecting the outside speakers to a volume control switch mounted near the entrance door. My last piece was going to be a transformer for converting 110vac to 12vdc to power the heater but that is going to have to wait for now.

In an attempt to quiet things down a bit in the RV, I have been putting in some cheap thin carpeting on the cabinet bottoms. I have done the upper side cabinets and the ones above the driver and passenger so far. It does help a bit keeping things from rattling around on the wood surfaces. I also added this to each drawer and the lower storage areas. Next will be the upper cabinets and maybe the cabinets in the bedroom area. This carpet comes in a few different colors and a 10×6 roll of it runs about $20. I also added some of the no-slip stuff between the pots and pans to keep those items from banging around. Everything you can do to keep something quite adds to the driving experience in my opinion.

A couple of other minor things that have been done or at least started on was a repair to the rear fiberglass cap on the RV. We had some minor damage on each corner and those have been fixed with a fiberglass impregnated putty. Primer and paint will finish them up. A new HDTV antenna was added to replace the stock broken one, a good improvement that has increased the number of channels we are able to pull in. An incident with our steps has left some damage on the lower right side of the RV, but a few replacement pieces along with a bit of paint will have that looking new again. We installed a new vent cap on the bathroom vent – easy process and one that you need to do if your RV has been exposed to the elements any length of time. While on the roof doing the work for the antenna and vent cap, I took time to check all of the seams making sure that they were weatherproof. I found one area around the vent pipe for the plumbing system that had started to show some cracks in the original sealant. I keep a tube of lap sealant and old caulking gun in the RV as part of my “supplies” – it was easy enough to reseal those cracks.

Our next plans call for a complete cleaning and detailing of the outside. It is long overdue and we have a couple of products we want to try. Besides a good washing, we need to polish down the exterior and get a good coat of wax on it. There are a couple of items on the outside that need a little work but nothing super major. Hopefully we will get some good results and make our RV look a lot better.


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