RV Repairs

We finally had a touch of cooperation from the weather but it didn’t last long. There was enough time to clean out the mess that I had made, add RV antifreeze to all of the drains and remove most of the connections to the sink and stove. Next step is to actually pull this stuff out, then take measurements for the counter top and get a replacement made for it.

After reviewing some information on the Forest River website, there is a better idea of how the floor is constructed. What needs to happen is taking the “hump” out of the floor without doing additional damage. It appears that at least one metal crossbeam is bent upward and this is enclosed in a honeycomb structure of plywood, plastic and other materials that make up the floor.

With everything out of the way, it appears that we should be able to place an piece of angle iron across the floor space as a leveling guide and then work the floor down with hammers and planks of wood to spread the blows. It doesn’t have to be perfect but just flat enough for the kitchen cabinet to sit flat on the floor again. We are hoping to save the carpeted area, but the vinyl entrance and kitchen area will have to be replaced as holes are already punched into it by the screws that broke loose from the underlayment. This is another reason why the cabinet itself must be removed from the RV.

We are also looking for something to replace the mirrored back-splash deciding that replacing the mirrors was not a great option. Whatever we choose it has to be easy to clean (stove grease splatter), light weight and durable.




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