RV Thermostat Conversion

Are you tired of getting up repeatedly and adjusting the thermostat on your RV? It seems like you either freeze or burn up and finding that point to set it plus getting it to come on immediately means raking the temperature slide up or down, sometimes constantly. Now, with our Digital Conversion, you set your thermostat to heating or cooling, set the temperature that you would like and you are finished with it. The digital thermostats normally have about a 1 – 1.4 degree swing in temperature variation. If you set it for 70 degrees, your temperature is going to stay within a degree of that setting. On the conventional thermostat; the one your RV came with, the temperature swing can be up to 10 degrees or more. It’s very annoying and sometimes can make it difficult to get a good night’s rest and enjoy your coach to it’s fullest.

001 This is a photo of the unit in my RV and has been in service now for 4 years with just a battery change each season. It has been rock solid, you set the temperature and walk away from it. Depending on sourcing, your thermostat may have a different look to it but the functionality is the same on all of them.

Your thermostat will be brand new, completely converted and ready to install. Everything you need comes with the kit. Instructions are provided and it is a very simple step by step process.

Once you have your Digital Thermostat installed, you’ll wonder why you waited so long to get rid of that old antique manual thermostat!

Please Note the Following Information:

Part of installing this thermostat involves following some simple instructions along with you determining the wiring that you currently have – this is not difficult but it is required to have a successful installation. We have already sold several hundred of these conversions with only one thermostat failure. Several have been returned due to the installer not understanding that these thermostats are meant to handle the typical motorhome and travel trailer AC/Heat installations. These installations normally consist of a roof mounted AC system and a heat system that uses propane for fuel. Both systems are normally controlled by a single wall mounted analog thermostat. If you have a thermostat that also controls a second AC unit (normally in the rear) then this thermostat will not work. You will need two units for that situation. If you have a heat pump type system (normally high-end coaches) this thermostat will not work. If you already have a digital thermostat controlling you systems, in our experience, it is a toss-up as to whether this thermostat will work. Most of the time you are stuck with buying the expensive replacement unit.

We are more than willing to help and answer questions regarding your installation plus we have sent out many links to factory installed control systems to assist our customers.

We previously sold these on eBay and at shows for $54.00 each, but since we do not incur any fees selling them here we have reduced the price to $47.00 each. USPS Priority shipping and batteries are included in that amount. If you would like to make a purchase, just contact me at charles.rutherford@rutherfordms.com and please put “Thermostat” in the subject line. We can invoice you via PayPal. Most major credit and debit cards are accepted with this service.


  •     New Hunter/Honeywell Digital Thermostat
  •     New Micro Toggle Switch for High/Low Fan Speed
  •     All Internal Modifications performed
  •     Detailed Installation Instructions
  •     Reduces over/under heating and cooling situation
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