Spam Bots – Death to Spam Bots!!

Okay, maybe the title is a little over the top but unless you are a blogger yourself you have no idea of the incredible amount of spam that hits these blogs and websites. This blog finally hit the big time – if you will  – about 2 months ago, probably because I finally connected it to the social media engine known as Facebook. Well, the spam bots have attacked relentlessly since then and our figures for the last few months show that we have been hit just over 15,000 times.

spam_bot_0So I have decided to deal with it. For one, I have normally not allowed too many comments to come through – removing the majority of them. But having to check constantly to clear out the spam filter system is just another small piece of time that I could be using for something else – like writing articles for you – my readers.

In difference to that, I have shut down any further comments on the articles I post here. If you would like to comment on an article or request additional information, please contact me at or you can use the email icon located at the top and bottom of every page in the blog. You can also subscribe to our articles  – the subscription box is located on the right side of every page. It’s the quickest and easiest way to keep up with the projects here at Rutherford Motorsports.

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