Time for Paint

The G is going to require a new paint job before it hits the road again. Due to some malicious people, both doors, the hood, right fender and headlight were damaged on the car. Most of the major damage has been repaired but there are still a few minor dings, one tiny rust spot and a little bit of custom work to be done yet before paint can be applied.

Getting started with the power-washer is going to be the first step in this process, then all of the components that are bolted on, such as the mirrors and rear spoiler will come off. We have also decided to re-badge the car as a Fairlady version, so most of the Infiniti markings will be removed too.

Followup to the wash job will be a complete wipe down with wax and grease remover then at that point we will move on to the bodywork that needs to be done. We will pop some photos of our progress up shortly.

SUNP0012 (2)


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