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Starting with this post, I will be placing little trinkets of information that I find out or simply discover in my day-to-day life around cars and their supporting cast. As I add a tip or trick or both in the future, I will update this post so that it appears fresh each time. In this way you will not be forced to search for it however I will be giving it a menu slot at the top of my site, so that you can go directly to it.

Tips & Tricks

2000 Ford F350 Reverse Wire for Backup Camera

My old 2000 Ford F350 is showing some serious signs of wear. One item that was about done was the factory radio/CD player. It honestly played just when it wanted too. For father’s day my family gave me a new Pioneer radio with all the latest bells and whistles plus a rear backup camera that connects to it. The tip here is for the lead connection for turning on the input of the camera when you place the truck in reverse. I spent a day plus chasing different pieces of information about where the connection lead in the truck was located. What works in a 2002 model will not work in my 2000 and I am not sure whether this will work for a 1999 or 2001 either. Apparently Ford kept making running changes to the wiring harnesses on these trucks. Under the hood next to the fuse box near the master cylinder, there is a smaller box that houses a pair of relays. The wiring going to these relays contains the black/pink stripe wire that has 12v on it when you place the shifter in reverse. The easiest way to get to this wiring is to pop the box containing the relays off of its mounting and flip it over. Once you have tapped into the wire, you can put everything back together.

Unstopping a Bathroom Sink Drain

We have one bathroom drain that constantly gets filled with junk and hair, which of course slows it down and backs up the water. It takes a few minutes but on most stoppers, you have the option of either having it physically connected to the rod that opens and closes it or you can have it sitting on top of that pivot piece. Once you have it like this, you can lift the stopper out anytime that you like. And with the stopper out of the way a regular old fast food restaurant soda straw will let you clear the gunk out of the down pipe which is where it normally gets stopped up at.


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