Trailer Project – Round 3

Ah, the fun of torrential downpours or actually just non-stop rain. Unless you are under the proverbial rock, you know that the southeast coast has been hammered by rain, floods, high winds and the hurricane out in the Atlantic never really got that close to us.

In the middle of this very little happened with my trailer project. Since it still houses the dragster along with a large assortment of items that no longer have a home, I have to put stuff outside on the ground to actually do any work on the interior. What I did find out is that I messed up on measuring my countertop area and my old top is about 6-8 inches short of working. Last time I mentioned going with a 3/4″ sheet of plywood to replace the old top. But then I thought that as I still have the top toolbox to mount, I might as well put it back on the old bottom chest and cut the old top shorter to fit across the old cabinet and the new bottom chest. This does reduce the work area however that should be just fine as it’s really more of a convenience to have somewhere to pull a carb apart or lay parts on while working.


The down time also allowed me to pickup a couple of things that should help out in the pits too. A lot of the newer trailers have light boxes mounted on the sides that contain those 500 watt work lights. I am sure those are great but I have one already mounted on a home made mount to the side door which provides plenty of side light. What I needed was someway to get light to where I needed it. In my garage I have a couple of trouble-light reels – the ones that you tug on the wire and it winds itself back up. I picked up one of those from Harbor Freight – with a 20% coupon, it cost a whopping $10. I haven’t decided where to mount it yet – I have a high mounted 110v plug at the back door of the trailer so I am thinking that’s where it will end up. And with the work area moved to the front of the trailer, I needed some light there too. I picked up a 4 foot, 2 bulb florescent fixture that uses the newer T-8 bulbs. Along with that I found some of the leftover electrical plastic duct work for running the wiring along with a couple of 110v outlets and cover plates. I need a couple of plastic boxes for the outlets but I am going to look through my stuff again and make sure I don’t have some of those too.

Speaking of wiring, I drew up a new wiring plan for the trailer as some of the original wiring has to be removed where it entered the cabinet that was mounted on the side. I have two breaker circuits, one for lights and the other for the outlets. The remaining old cabinet will house the breaker box, so the connection wiring will enter at that point. Another wiring issue is one for speakers – I am thinking about finding a radio, maybe a 12v one from a car and mounting it somewhere in the work area with a couple of speakers. Along with some tunes, a lot of tracks broadcast over a FM signal and it beats trying to hear what they are saying over the public announcement system.

Lastly, I am still figuring out where to put stuff. The front work area is laid out for the most part. Facing that and to your right is my helmet and driving suit storage rack. It holds two helmets, gloves, balaclava, extra helmet shields and my driving suit. I am thinking of adding a couple of small aluminum hangers to the bottom of it to hang my driving boots on. That way everything will be in one place. Also on the right side and right next to the side door is the rack that holds my throw away shop towels box. Very convenient place for it as you can grab a quick rag standing outside the trailer if you need it.

To the left side and immediately above the area that will house the jack and safety stands is where the oil/fluid/filter rack will be placed. Underneath that will be another homemade aluminum hanger that will hold the extension cords and air line. I have some space directly behind the combination tool box and if it fits, I have an aluminum tray that can hold spray cans of carb and brake cleaner, lube, etc. Next is finding a location for the trailer spare tire and plastic trailer jack, fuel cans and my bike. On the bike I am thinking about two possibilities. One is to simply strap the bike  in front of the work area and that will be the first thing I remove from the trailer when I setup the pit. The other is to put it along one of the walls.

And the last piece that needs to be figured out is the winch. Right now that is going to get mounted next to  the door. An eye-bolt will be put in the floor dead center of the trailer and just in front of one of the bottom tool chests. A snap with a pulley will be attached to the eye-bolt whenever I need to winch a car into the trailer. Wiring for the wench is rather heavy duty and will be connected directly to the battery mounted in the front trailer compartment.

I think that’s about it for the trailer – now all I need to do is make it happen. Also in my spare time, the G35 is slowly getting sanded down and prepped for primer. It’s been one panel at a time but it’s probably the best way to do it. An assortment of other projects have been going on too, mostly minor stuff but the Little Monza is coming back for some major updates including a new engine, the Camaro will get new lite weight front brakes in the off-season along with a new engine too. In fact all four of the race cars will have fresh engines for the upcoming season. I have a couple of Powerglide transmissions to update and rebuild plus I am thinking about lowering the gear ratio in the dragster. Wow – I think I had better get busy!

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