Where Race Cars Go to Die

Sometimes it’s their own trailer, other times they just end up in the back-40 somewhere and slowly are simply forgotten about. Normally they hit a certain point and restoration becomes an almost impossible task. Rust, cylinder corrosion, valve spring deterioration, sneaky mice and other rodents, oil that has simply sat and absorbed moisture – all of these plus more are the death knell of a racing car. Batteries simply sit and die over a period time, other parts that worked perfectly before, refuse to even think about functioning again.

Such is the apparent fate of the Monza. Her last trip down the strip was a dismal one having once again destroyed the transmission, this time due to a faulty pump that was fresh out of the box. I am not sure what exactly happened, but repairs were made, the transmission issue resolved and the car was driven to her trailer – now it appears almost 6 months later that this might just be her tomb. Her engine hasn’t turned over once, cobwebs are gathering and she might be on flat tires before winter hits. Sad end to a racing car that wasn’t given a chance.

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