Project Details

Over a period of time the project objectives for this car have changed in my mind, sometimes flowing back and forth. Should it be an all-out drag car or should it be a street/strip car or even something in-between? I am not sure I will really know until the car is about done but obviously some choices are going to dictate how the car will be used.

Another item is while I reference the car that was featured in the movie “Two Lane Blacktop”, I am not building a clone of that car but rather a car that was maybe inspired by the movie car and the movie itself. I am not sure how many times I have viewed the movie since it originally came out but I can say that I know most of the details about the movie. The other piece of that is that the movie actually says a lot more than one might notice at first glance. It might look like a B-movie made for the drive-in theaters of the time but to me it actually shows a microcosm of life back in the late ’60s and early ’70s. Things were a real mess back then, a bad political war and youthful unrest were just the tips of the problems. Driving a car across the country with a few bucks in your pocket and making a couple of dollars racing it along the way – just motoristic escapism? I am not sure but it didn’t seem like a bad idea at the time.

So yes, now at a later stage of my own life, the ’55 represents something maybe missed, longed for or at the very least, some fun that I think I should have had back then. It’s my last build, that I am sure of and how it turns out is yet to be seen. My hope is that I finally finish a build somewhat quickly as I feel that time is not exactly on my side anymore, so there is some urgency in it but with a dollop of wanting to enjoy it too.

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