Bracket Monza – ReWorked

Started on the lean-out valve setup. I had to do a bit of planning to figure out where I will mount it so it can be easily reached while strapped in. I finally decided that a position next to the floor pinch-weld would work and keep it out of my way. I will need to come up with a mounting for the valve, thinking a small piece of metal welded to it and then bolted down will suffice. I am going to use some Russell braided flex hose as that’s what I have on hand. Lean-out valves have to be -8 AN size as anything smaller doesn’t pass enough air to work very well. I decided to put a bulkhead fitting in the firewall both for safety and not wanting to pass the flex hose through a cut hole. On the engine side, it was a matter of figuring out where on the manifold to drill and tap a hole for the AN fitting. I decided on the driver’s side of the carb mounting and will run a 90* fitting with the hose going back towards the firewall.

Simple 3/8″ Ball Valve
AN-8 Fitting Installed

My next piece of work is going to be a home made primer system. If you’re not familiar with running Methanol, it can be a real dog to get fired up when the engine is cold and when the air temperature is below 50*, it’s even worse. So after years of beating on starter drives, catching carbs on fire from time to time and sucking a gallon or two of alky trying to get some heat in the engine, I am finally surrendering and going the easy route. I have no idea of why I have waited so long to do so.

I found a one litre fuel tank that will bolt in nicely on the support frame for the glass frontend and I will be using -4 stainless braided line to run to another AN fitting under the carburetor. Different setups use various pieces to spray the fuel into manifold but I want to keep it as simple as possible. Right now I am looking at putting a gas carburetor jet inside a AN -4 fitting to act as a spray nozzle. Not sure if that will work but I need something to “spray” the fuel and not just dump it under the carburetor. Behind that will be a one way valve and then the hose line will connect to the output side of a simple 12v generator fuel pump. The inlet side of the pump will of course be connected to the fuel tank. The pump will be operated from a momentary switch that is already part of our switch panel in the car. I believe the jetted fitting will do the job of “spraying” the fuel into the manifold. The operating sequence for this is simple. When I am ready to fire the engine, I will hold the momentary switch for 2-3 seconds to put regular gas in the manifold, spin the engine over and then turn on the ignition. Even on the colder days, the engine should fire up even if it takes a couple of attempts, far easier than the old routine.

Bracket Monza – Reworked – II

Did a bit more work on the lean-out valve and getting closer to finishing it. Finished putting the AN fitting in the intake manifold. I had stuffed it with sales flyers from the supermarket, taped it until I was sure no metal shavings could get into the plenum and once I drilled and tapped the hole, ran the daylights out of my shop vac cleaning and cleaning…. it’s amazing what an expensive race engine will make you do!

I then drilled the firewall for the bulkhead fitting and mounted it. I still need to weld a bracket to the ball valve and while I am going to use the Russell flex hose in the cockpit, I decided to use a piece of Stainless Steel hose on the engine side. I need to make up both of those hoses, but I like to get everything mounted where it’s going to be before making the hoses.

I moved on to changing out the rear end lube so that I can wrap up the work at the rear of the car. My wife just loves the smell of that stuff too so I caught a bit of flak when she got home. Oh well, not like I do it every day. The drain plug on the rear end had a drip in it that was driving me crazy but I think I got it this time. 3-4 wraps of Teflon tape (the good stuff, not that thin junk Lowes sells) and some Teflon paste over top of it and I haven’t see a drop out of it for hours now. Dropped in two quarts of Valvoline Synthetic 75w140 and she’s good to go.

Next is doing a little bit of filling in the backside edges of the rear fender panels to keep rocks from getting under the slicks. A number of the tracks I visit have their share of gravel in the pits and toting pebbles up to the staging area is not unheard of. I also need to finish off the end plates on the rear wing of the car. I had some on it before but I didn’t like the looks of them so I removed them. I also built four braces for the wing using some aluminum, hardened tubing and clips. A kit cost about $150-$170, I built what I needed for $15. The last couple of items that I need to get done is a piece of tubing for the rear end vent and I have a couple of places where the aluminum tin paneling around the cage tubing has some gap in it. I want to fill that to try and reduce the tire smoke coming in the car.

The weather was hot and humid today so staying out in that mess and getting anything done was tough on the old body. I made a bunch of little work episodes out of it and got the hoses made and mounted. I still need to make the bracket for the valve but I have the valve in the position I want so it worked out okay. I tend to like to break the welder out when I have multiple pieces of work to do. Right now I need to make some string light holders for going around the swimming pool, I need to do some welding and cutting on the ’55 front end piece and I need to weld a bracket to this valve.

I put the carb back together after making a few changes that I hope will work out. i really need to get the idle leaned out on this deal, its way too rich. I decided to make a switch on the spacer I am using. We have one of the anti-reversion units under the carb now but I want to try an open hole spacer and see what happens. If I get a chance an A-B-A test would be nice.

I also received the fuel tank I am going to use for the primer system today. Not bad really and it’s going to work just fine as soon as I figure out the whole spray deal going into the intake plenum. I am thinking now of placing a gas jet in the line just as it enters the intake so something else I have to do a little engineering on.